A few Independant Projects that have been devloped by Kula Solutions LTD

Corporate Direct Fundraising

This is a non-profit organisation that helps raise the ever so needed funds for charities like, Children In need, Cancer Research, Douglas Bouder Foundation, etc.

This is a freelance business relationship that started in 2010, which developed from the common passion for technology between my self and the CEO at the time. We started to build a CRM system on Saturdays, Sundays but soon turned into a long term consultation business contact. We are proud to say that Corporate Direct core business *depends* on this system today! The objective was to move the non-profit company from a legacy DOS based system to one where scalability, but most importantly where rapid development was present.

The project turned succesfful when we boosted the productivity from the new CRM system and reached the unimaginable half million pound donations mark was set for year end of 2014. 

Tecnikk Computers

A computer repair store that required a new solution for booking and maintiang repairs aswell as baking in customer relationship management system. Live updates to customers via email or text messages, marketing solutions and feedback mechanisms.


A company based in Poland which requires an internal holiday management system across offices in Poland. Currently developing the software in MVC 5 and RavenDB.